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Moose in Canada : Facts, Breeds And More

Moose In Canada

Moose are gigantic herbivores that belong to the main species of deer but have unique facial features and appearance. These animals are quite harmless and feed on simple grasses. They are famous because of their fascinating looks and being unusual members of the deer family.

They are found all across the Canadian provinces except the Arctic areas where there is extreme temperature. They are considered a symbol of Canada.

Physical Aspects of Moose

Physical Aspects of Moose

Here are some physical features of the moose that you must know;

Features Relevant Information
Scientific Name Alces Alces
Life Span Average is 15 years but they can live up to 20 years
Diet Tall grasses, Shrubs, Pinecorns, and Aquatic plants
Height Average height can be 1.4 – 2.1 meters
Average Weight Male is about 400kg while females can weigh up to 350kg
Habitat Margins of Lakes, Muskegs and Streams
Species 4 sub-species in Canada
Status of specie Endangered

Interesting Facts About Moose in Canada

Interesting Facts About Moose in Canada

Here you will learn some of the most attractive facts regarding this unusual species of deer which can increase your curiosity;

  • Featured Official Symbol in Canada
    The moose is an iconic symbol of the Canadian wilderness and is featured in the Canadian Quarter.
  • Exceptional Hearing Sense
    Moose have an incredible sense of hearing and can detect sounds over a mile (1.6 km) away.
  • Efficient Swimmers in Water Despite Being Land Habitant
    Moose are excellent swimmers and can cross large bodies of water with ease, using their long legs to propel themselves.
  • Unusual Features on Face
    Moose have a unique adaptation called a “bell” on their throat, which helps them breathe while their heads are submerged in water.
  • Famous as “Swamp Donkeys”
    In some parts of Canada, moose are known as “swamp donkeys” due to their loud grunting sounds and tendency to inhabit wetlands.
  • Few Natural Predators Looking to Kill Them
    Moose have few natural predators in Canada, with the primary threats being wolves, bears, and humans.
  • Excellent Trackers in Dense Environments
    Moose are excellent navigators who can easily find their way through dense forests and challenging regions.

Breeds of Moose Found in Canada

Breeds of Moose in Canada

There are 4 specific sub-species of Moose found in Canada and they are named:

  1. Eastern Canadian Moose
  2. Western Canadian Moose
  3. Shiras Moose
  4. Alaska/Yukon Moose

Sightseeing of the Moose in Canada

Moose are seen throughout Canada and they are present in most abundant numbers of about 1 million.

Where to See Moose in Canada

For specifically seeing them at particular places, you can view or photograph them at these places:

Direction of the Country Places Where Polar Bears are Found
Western Side Yukon
Eastern Side Newfoundland
Southern Territory  Ontario, Quebec

Specific Places to See Moose in Canada

Places to See Moose in Canada

There are also some specific places where moose are found in abundance including;

  1. Algonquin National Park
  2. Chic-Chocs Mounntains
  3. Eastern Quebec

Best Season to See Moose in Canada

They are mostly quite active at dawn and dusk while the best time to see them is between May and September.

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