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Snowshoe Hare in Canada: Features & Best Time and Place

Snowshoe Hare in Canada

The Snowshoe Hare is a small, furry animal found in Canada. It has large hind feet that help it move easily on snow. Its fur turns white to blend in with the snowy surroundings during winter while in summer, it turns brown to match the forest floor. They are known for their speed and quickness, […]

Coyote in Canada: Features & Sightseeing

Coyote in Canada

These animals are medium-sized members of the dog family. They are omnivores and eat a variety of foods, including small mammals, birds, fruits, and garbage, making them very adaptable to different environments. Coyotes live in every province and territory across Canada. The most predominant features of the coyotes are their appearance and the unique characteristics […]

Arctic Fox in Canada: Features, Facts & Best time to See

Arctic fox in Canada

Arctic foxes are small omnivores belonging to the family of dogs living in icy areas, They have furry paws that act like snowshoes, helping them walk on the snow and ice. In the summer, the arctic fox’s fur becomes brown or gray to blend in with the tundra. These foxes live in family groups with […]

Elk in Canada: Facts, Behavior & Species

Elk in Canada

Elk are large deer-like animals belonging to the class of mammals. They have big bodies, slender legs, and wide antlers on their heads. They live in forests and open areas and travel together in herds. Elks are a vital nature‚Äôs part of nature in Canada. People like to watch elk and take pictures of these […]

Eastern Coughar in Canada: Size, Color and Nicknames

Eastern Coughar in Canada

The Eastern Cougar is a subspecies of cougar that roams in the Canadian territory. They have slim and powerful build with a light brown coat and long tails with black tips. Coughar show carnivorous behavior primarily by hunting deer. They were mostly lonely animals, coming together only for mating purposes. Following are some physical characteristics […]

Bald Eagle in Canada: Characteristics and Sightseeing

Bald Eagle in Canada

The bald eagle is a large bird with a predatory nature. This bird possesses a brown body, white head, and tail feathers. Its beak, feet, and eyes are yellow. The large wingspan enables easy flight and makes them long-distance travelers. They hunt by rising high in the sky and diving to catch fish or small […]

Atlantic Puffin in Canada: Features, Facts and Much More

Atlantic Puffin in Canada

The Atlantic Puffin is a cute seabird with a black back and white belly. It has a large, colorful beak that looks like red, blue, and yellow stripes. They can fly, but they spend much time swimming and diving in the ocean to catch fish. Puffins gather at seaside cliffs and burrow holes during breeding […]

Musk Ox in Canada: Interesting Facts, SightSeeing

Musk Ox in Canada

The musk ox is a big, hairy animal that lives in icy Arctic areas. Its coat is extremely thick and woolly, which helps keep it warm in the frigid temperatures. These tough animals have large heads, short tails, and curved horns that both the males and females have. Although musk oxen look tough and formidable, […]

Grizzly Bear in Canada: Behavior, Interesting Facts & Precautions

Grizzly Bear in Canada

The grizzly bear is a big, strong animal that lives in the wild places of Canada. You can identify them by their big shoulders that stick up and their long, curved claws. They live alone and walk around the forests and mountains looking for things to eat like plants, berries, fish, and sometimes bigger animals. […]

Killer Whales in Canada: Characteristics, Facts & More Info

Killer Whales in Canada

Killer whales are big sea animals and are black and white. They have a white patch behind each eye which makes the recognition easy. Killer whales are very smart animals because they possess big brains. Killer whales live together in family groups called pods. Even though their name is killer whale, they do not kill […]