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Eastern Coughar in Canada: Size, Color and Nicknames

Eastern Coughar in Canada

The Eastern Cougar is a subspecies of cougar that roams in the Canadian territory. They have slim and powerful build with a light brown coat and long tails with black tips. Coughar show carnivorous behavior primarily by hunting deer. They were mostly lonely animals, coming together only for mating purposes.

Physical Characteristics and Features

Features of Eastern Coughar in Canada

Following are some physical characteristics of this wild but beautiful-looking animal in Canada:

Features Relevant Information
Scientific Name Puma Concolor Couguar
Life Span Can be up to 21 years
Diet Deers, Elks, rabbits, and small birds
Height Males are larger but the height range is 5 – 9 feet
Weight The weight ranges between 35-100 kg
Other Names Puma, Mountain Lion, Catamount, and Panther
Habitat Forests, swamps, and mountainous regions
Status of specie Endangered

Interesting Facts About Eastern Coughar in Canada

Facts About Eastern Coughar in Canada

The following list of interesting facts about this epic animal species will raise your curiosity to see this wild animal:

1. Size Comparison: Eastern cougars were larger than their Western counterparts, with some males reaching over 200 pounds.

2. Historical Range: Their historical range in Canada included southern Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

3. Possible Persistence: Some believe that eastern cougars persist in tiny numbers in remote areas of eastern Canada.

4. Domestic Significance: The rock art in eastern Canada suggests that cougars were once prevalent and held symbolic significance.

5. Reason Behind Nicknames: The eastern cougar was also known as the ghost cat, panther, or painter due to its secretive nature and ability to disappear into the landscape.

6. Jumping Ability: Eastern cougars are known for their exceptional jumping ability because they can leap up to 40 feet to capture prey.

7. Genetic Isolation: Some genetic studies suggest that eastern and western cougar populations were isolated from each other for thousands of years.

8. Color Variations: They exhibit a wider range of color variations than western cougars, including reddish-brown, gray, and black.

9. Territorial Behavior: Male eastern cougars had large territories ranging from 100 to 200 square miles, while females had smaller territories of around 50 square miles.

 10. Solitary Nature: They are solitary animals, only coming together to mate or when females raise their young.

11. Legendary Status: The sharp nature and rarity of eastern cougar sightings have contributed to their legendary status in eastern Canadian folklore and mythology.

Sightseeing of Eastern Coughar in Canada

Sightseeing of Eastern Coughar in Canada

The sightseeings are quite rare and sometimes unpredictable because of the reduced numbers in the Canadian territory. Following are some places where eastern cougars can be seen;

Direction of the Country Places Where Eastern Cougars are Found
Western Territory Alberta Rocky Mountains and British Columbia
Eastern Territory Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
Central Territory Ontario, Maritimes, and Saskatchewan
Pro Tip

You should plan a trip to see this animal but always remember that this species is quite rare and there are high chances that you will be unable to see this animal.

When to See These Animals in Canada

When to see Eastern Coughar in Canada

There is no recommended time that can be ideal to see eastern cougars and they can be seen anytime around the year depending on the fact that they are present in that particular territory.


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