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Bald Eagle in Canada : Characteristics and Sightseeing

Bald Eagle in Canada

The bald eagle is a large bird with a predatory nature. This bird possesses a brown body, white head, and tail feathers. Its beak, feet, and eyes are yellow. The large wingspan enables easy flight and makes them long-distance travelers. They hunt by rising high in the sky and diving to catch fish or small animals.

It is the national bird of both Canada and the United States. Bald eagles live near water like rivers, lakes, and coasts. They inhabit all the provinces of Canada. They build huge stick nests, often reusing and adding to the same nest year after year. Bald eagles mainly eat fish, but will also eat smaller animals like rabbits or reptiles.

Physical Characteristics and Features

Physical Characteristics of Bald Eagle in Canada-min

The Bald eagle is a fierce bird and possesses amazing features for performing several life functions;

Features Relevant Information
Scientific Name Haliaeetus Leucocephalus
Life Span Average age is 15 – 25 years but it can go up to 30 years
Diet Primary diet is composed of fish but also includes small mammals and reptiles
Average Height 2.5 – 3 feet in height
Average Weight The average is 3 – 6.5 kg 
Wingspan About 6.5 feet
Habitat Nests are made on large trees in forest areas close to water.
Status of specie Not Endangered

Interesting Facts That Would Attract You to See Bald Eagle in Canada

Facts of Bald Eagle in Canada-min

Following is a list of some catchy facts that would pull you towards the sightseeing of this beautiful bird in Canada:

 1. National Symbol 

The bald eagle is an important symbol in Canada because of its abundant occurrence.

 2. Nesting Habits  

The bald eagle’s nest, also known as an “aerie,” is one of the largest of any bird species and can weigh up to a ton.

 3. Cultural Significance  

In some parts of Canada like the Pacific Coast, bald eagles are a symbol of strength, courage, and spiritual significance in Indigenous cultures.

 4. Vocalizations  

Bald eagles are known for their distinctive high-pitched calls, which are often described as loud cackle.

 5. Hunting Technique  

Bald eagles have excellent hunting skills because they can dive from great heights to catch fish near the water’s surface or capture prey from the ground.

 6. Long Age  

Bald eagles can live up to 30 years in the wild, with some individuals reaching over 40 years of age.

Sight Seeing of Bald Eagle

Sight Seeing of Bald Eagle in Canada

These fascinating animals can be seen in different provinces across the country and mostly inhabit all the parts of the country.

Direction of the Country Places Where Bald Eagles are Found
Western Side Alberta and British Columbia
Eastern Side Labrador Sea, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
Central Territory Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan
Pro Tip

Their sightseeing is tough because they fly high and stay on nests made on top of large trees and away from human residencies. You need to stay and wait for a long flight to capture and see them with your eyes.

Best Time to See Bald Eagles

Time to See Bald Eagle in Canada-min

The ideal time to plan a visit to bald eagle’s territory varies in different seasons but here are the months in which you should plan your visit;

Season Months for Sightseeing
Winter December to March
Late Spring and Early Summer April to June
Fall  August to October
Pro Tip

This time can change depending on the breeding seasons and other influencing factors like temperature.

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