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Canadian Horse Facts Breed and Price (Guide 2022)

When we talk about Canada, what will be the first thing that comes into our minds? Oh yes, you are right if your mind clicked on Canadian horses. Canadian horses are the introduction of Canada for the rest of the world because they are most popular around the globe. If we talk about the specialty of these horses then they are known as little iron horses because they are stronger than their physical appearance.

Canadian Horse Unique Facts

There are some very unique and amazing facts associated with Canadian horses and in this article, you will get to know some cool facts about these horses.

  • Canadian horses were sent to Canada 450 years ago so they have a strong impact on the history of Canada.
  • The Canadian government is paying special attention to their breed since 1913 because they were exported to the United States in massive quantity which led to a sharp decline in their numbers in Canada.
  • They have long and thick coats in the winter season which helps them to stay warm and they don’t need any shelter. Besides this, they don’t even need horseshoes because of their tough hooves.
  • Intelligence is another quality of Canadian horses. They are easy to train and they have excellent learning skills.
  • Canadian horses can be used in a variety of tasks such as, for riding and they can haul a cart as well.
  • Canadian horses have low maintenance costs because they don’t eat much. They simply like grains and grass which is easily available in Canada.

Canadian horse personality

Now, let’s get to the personality of Canadian horses. So no doubt, they are the most beautiful horses. They are also very loyal to their owners and they care for their riders. Usually, they are dark in color which gives them an elegant look and enhances their personality.


Canadian Horse History

As mentioned earlier, Canadian horses have a rich history as they have a historical background of 450 years. The first horse which was sent to Canada was in 1647. They were sent from France to Canada by King Louis XIV. Over time, the main changes that occurred in them were their size which decreases gradually and their toughness due to extreme weather conditions of Canada. If we talk about the year 1850, the number of horses in Canada was 150 thousand but they were reduced to just 400 horses in 1976. Now their current number in Canada is about 6000 which shows the government’s interest in horse breeding.

Canadian Horse Breeds

Canadian horse breed is distinguishable from other horse breeds due to the physical appearance and qualities they possess that’s why these versatile horses are highly valued in their native land.

Height, Weight, Age, and Temperature

  • The height of Canadian horses is quite low if we compare them with other horse breeds. They are generally 14 to 16 hands tall or we can say they have 56 to 64 inches height that is equal to 142 to 163 cm.
  • The average weight of stallion is 1050 to 1350 lbs equal to 480 to 610 kg and the mare has 1000 to 1250 lbs (450 to 570 kg).
  • The average age of a Canadian horse is 25 to 30 years. Because of their strong immune system and tough nature, they don’t get sick often due to which they have a long span of life.
  • Due to their fur or thick coats, they can easily survive in the coldness of Canada.

Price Range of Canadian Breed Horse

If we talk about the price range of Canadian horses then it depends upon how much you can pay for a Canadian horse. Normally the price range of a Canadian horse is between 1000 dollars to 10,000 dollars.

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