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Admiral Butterfly in Canada: Best time to See & Species

Admiral Butterfly in Canada

The Admiral butterfly is a magnificent insect with striking black wings and white stripes. One of its most recognizable features is the bright red bands near the edge of its wings. These vivid colors serve as a warning signal to predators that the Admiral is toxic if eaten. Despite its bold appearance, the Admiral is quite small, with a wingspan of around 2-3 inches. 

Admiral butterfly is an easily recognizable species found throughout Canada. This species uplifts the beauty of Canadian provinces because of its unique wings and a good association with the habitat.

Physical Features

Features of Admiral Butterfly in Canada

Here are some distinctive and unique features of this insect species in Canada:

Features Relevant Information
Life Span Maximum life span can be up to 10 months but usually, it is less
Diet Adults suck liquid from animal dung, tree sap, fermenting fruits, and rotting flowers.

Caterpillars take nutrition from birch, poplar, chokecherry, and willow leaves.

Size Ranges from 4.5 – 7.6 cm
Habitat Clearings, woods, gardens, parks and wooded areas
Role in Ecosystem Mantainence Caterpillars trim the trees and scrubs making the area’s appearance clean 
Status of specie Not Endangered

Shocking Facts About Admiral Butterfly in Canada

Facts About Admiral Butterfly in Canada

Below are some interesting facts about these attractive insects roaming in Canada that will raise your curiosity to see them:

  •  Reason Behind Name 

    The Admiral butterfly gets its name from the striking reddish-brown markings on its wings, which resemble the uniform of a British Admiral.

  •  Powerful Flying Capacity 

    The Admiral butterfly is a strong flier and can migrate long distances, sometimes traveling hundreds of kilometers.

  •  Deceiving Mechanism 

    The Admiral butterfly has developed an interesting defense mechanism when threatened as it can emit a foul-smelling liquid from its abdomen to stop predators from coming close.

  •  Indication of Summer Arrival 

    In some parts of Canada, the Admiral butterfly is considered a sign of the arrival of summer, with its appearance signaling the arrival of warmer weather.

  •  Survival in Diverse Habitats 

    The Admiral is a relatively tough butterfly and can survive in a wide range of habitats, from urban gardens to forests and prairies.

  •  Crops Friendly Species 

    Despite its widespread distribution, the Admiral butterfly is not considered a pest species and does not cause significant damage to crops or gardens.

  •  Eye-Catching for Photographers 

    The Admiral is a popular subject for butterfly watchers and photographers, due to its striking beauty and relative abundance in many parts of Canada.

  •  Competition Between Males 

    The males compete for their territory with other invading males and also for mating with the females.

Sub-Species of Admiral Butterfly in Canada

Species of Admiral Butterfly in Canada

There are about 4 sub-species of this beautiful insect in different provinces of Canada reflecting the beauty of the environment:

  •  White Admiral Butterfly 

    This species is found in the Quebec province of Canada and is considered the unofficial insect of Canada. This species possesses white bands on the massively black surface with a few red dots beneath.

  •  Red-Spotted Purple Admiral Butterfly 

    This species of Admiral butterfly is found in southern regions of Canada and possesses an entirely black body with few bright spots on the body.

  •  Red Admiral Butterfly 

    These species are abundantly found in various habitats from grasslands to sub-tropical areas. The forewings and backwings exhibit different colors with marble brown color being dominant.

  •  Weidemeyer’s Admiral 

    A large butterfly species is found in the Alberta province with black and white colors on it.

Sightseeing of Admiral Butterfly

Different species of Admiral butterfly are found across different provinces of Canada and their distribution is widespread.

Direction of the Country Places Where Admiral Butterflies are Found
Western Side Alberta, British Columbia
Eastern Side Quebec, Prince Edward Island. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia
Northern Territory  Southern Yukon, Northwest Territories
Central Canada  Saskatchewan, Manitoba

Time to See Admiral Butterfly

Best Time to See Admiral Butterfly in Canada

They are mostly seen in the months of summer starting in May and then lasting till starting of winter. They migrate to the Canadian territory and stay there for the summer season.

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