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Coyote in Canada: Features & Sightseeing

Coyote in Canada

These animals are medium-sized members of the dog family. They are omnivores and eat a variety of foods, including small mammals, birds, fruits, and garbage, making them very adaptable to different environments. Coyotes live in every province and territory across Canada. The most predominant features of the coyotes are their appearance and the unique characteristics […]

Arctic Fox in Canada: Features, Facts & Best time to See

Arctic fox in Canada

Arctic foxes are small omnivores belonging to the family of dogs living in icy areas, They have furry paws that act like snowshoes, helping them walk on the snow and ice. In the summer, the arctic fox’s fur becomes brown or gray to blend in with the tundra. These foxes live in family groups with […]

Elk in Canada: Facts, Behavior & Species

Elk in Canada

Elk are large deer-like animals belonging to the class of mammals. They have big bodies, slender legs, and wide antlers on their heads. They live in forests and open areas and travel together in herds. Elks are a vital nature‚Äôs part of nature in Canada. People like to watch elk and take pictures of these […]