Raccoons And the Damage They Cause

raccoon-catLet’s talk about raccoons. We see them all the time at night walking around in the streets and in parks. They forage and find and try to find places to sleep at night. They break into house and make attics their own. We asked the experts on raccoon removal in Oakville about some tips and information on how to deal with them.

Raccoons are extremely competitive animals. They may be typically found in urban, suburban and rural regions however, this doesn’t mean they are secure to human and friendly. As a matter of fact, in the event you get too near to raccoons, they cannot be quite safe, thus, it will be more appropriate to contact the neighborhood wildlife section, in the event they get within your house.
Raccoons may enter your house through the attic, chimney, crawlspaces, and underneath the porch along with the houses. To close off these areas of entry, you have to cover them with a board, a mesh hardware cloth or a metal flashing. Make sure that the entire area is fixed and covered on top, because raccoons may pose danger to your own family and pets, bottom and sides to prevent them to harbor and nest within your home.

If there is a nest in your attic or anywhere else, it is a good idea to get them out because they will contaminate the area. Call a raccoon removal company. Thank you.

Best Way To Keep Your Garage Free Of Mice


Rodents are some of the most common animals that invade a home. In essence, they have an affinity of warm and crowded places, a garage being a suitable location for them. Mice are capable of squeezing through a hole or a small opening, sometimes as small as the size of a dollar. Openings are the biggest vulnerability to a garage for mice to get into. Thereby, keeping the garage free of rodents ultimately begins with sealing up the openings as much as is possible. To this end, it is paramount that the necessary precautions to undertake in order to keep the garage mice free;

A simple precaution is to conduct a thorough check on all entrances for any possible openings in the garage Subsequently, seal all the openings found which will be efficient in keeping the rodents out of the garage. Installing rodent barriers will additionally be an effective way of keeping rodents away. The rodent barriers need be installed around decks, patios as well as porches near and around the garage. Undertaking repairs is an essential way of keeping rodents away, and more so by fixing leaky roofs that allow the build up of moisture.

The garage door provides a means via which mice could get inside, and caulking and weather striping it would be an efficient way of keeping mice out of the garage.

In the case that there are hedges and bushes around the garage, they should be cleared. This is a sure way of ensuring that mice do not find a breeding space before they move inside the garage. Laying traps inside the garage would be a sure way of confirming the presence of mice. Subsequently, it would be an effective way of eliminating them and keeping the garage and ones home rodent free. This is especially efficient when they are placed around crawlspaces if one suspects it is the mice’ path.

Best Baits For Mouse Snap Traps


Whenever we see mouse in our house, we try to think about the best mouse trap techniques. Most of the people all over the world think that trapping a mouse is one the difficult tasks to handle. Preventive measures should be taken for keeping them away, like placing covers on the garbage cans, giving importance to sanitation and lot more. Before you proceed towards snapping the mouse it is important to know that which areas of your house they are attacking to.

One of the Best baits For Mouse Snap Traps includes paper board with glue. You can place this board in any corner and mouse will be trapped on the board. Another idea is to place pet foods, bird food, peanut butter, candies or oats. Mouse will get attracted to smell of the food and it and will come in the trap certainly. For people who are busy or extremely scared can go for electronic trappers (there is a video how it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ox1k0-Gj8vU ). With help of mechanism, it will help in trapping mouse. If you don’t have children or pets in the house then you can adapt for toxic baits. With this, you can get rid of mouse completely. Most modern way to stamp out mouse is using chemical gas in the mouse trap. Live mouse traps can also work effectively and can be used at places like cattle farms, dairy farms or streets. As per the study done, only three percentage of mouse who are caught are able to escape from the trap

Choosing any of the above mentioned baits, it is sure that you will be able to eliminate mouse from your house. You should also get pest control at regular intervals which will not only keep mouse but also insects and cockroaches away. The key to keep your home away from mouse is keeping it clean and hygienic all round the year.

How to Bat Proof Your Home


If you will succeed in bat proofing your home you must look for their entry points.They usually enter through small openings this includes; attic windows.chimney caps and vents among others.They can enter through small holes that are the size of 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in diameter.They usually enter at dawn break and leave at dusk.The leave the house at sun set to feed.During they day you will find them hanging upside-down as they rest.

You will need to search for small openings through which they enter your house.This will require you to climb to your roof to check if there are any opening that could be their entry points.Check your chimney and vents to see whether there are any spaces that can permit their entry into your house. One way of doing this is by looking at area where you can see any outdoor light.If this method doesn’t work then stand outside your
house at dusk and observe to identify the points through which the bats exit your house.

The best time to bat proof your house is when they hibernate this is usually during winter.After you have identified the holes through which they get into your house.the next step is sealing them.The best time to do this is during the night when they have left the house.If you choose to do this during the day you will trap them inside the house.This may not work at all times since they do not leave their habitation on a daily basis.This means that you can seal the openings while they are inside your house.After you have sealed the openings they will attempt to get back to their habitation for several days so make sure that you have used strong materials to bat proof your house.

How To Trap A Raccoon


Raccoons may seem cute and furry friends when looked from a distance but up close, they may be both dangerous and irritating. Not only that they will poke around your garbage and eat your crops, they can also bite, scratch and transfer disease as well. This article gives you tips on how you can trap raccoons in and around your home. We asked raccoon removal experts raccooncontrol.ca


You must first spend some time on the internet searching for laws and regulations in your region or state. There are quite a number of different kinds of raccoon traps which are effective. Not  all  of   raccoon traps will be effective for use in every state since they will not be legal everywhere.

Purchasing a Trap

You can buy or rent a raccoon trap preferably the one that will not kill the animal. In case you don’t intend to use the trap often, you can rent one from a pest removal provider in your locality.

Find Active Tracks

Look at the areas where the raccoon usually moves by looking for any droppings or footprints. You actually want to be in a position to discover where specifically the raccoon usually moves to so that you can be able to trap them with ease. Raccoons are very sneaky creatures and they can tilt the trap over. It is therefore important to  select location which is next to a solid object to disable the trap from being tipped.

Setting the Trap

The next thing that you will do is to arrange the trap and place it in your preferred location. Make the trap to be so attractive to raccoons through the use of some sort of bait like peanut butter, marshmallows or canned tuna. Then put it on the lever which triggers the trap.

Check the Trap

You must always check the trap after every 34 hours so as to ensure that you don’t make the animal to suffer for long. Actually this is a legal obligation in many states and it is as well not required by law.

Dealing with Raccoons

When you have captured the raccoon, you will have to decide on the way forward. You can decide to kill it so as to prevent future problems or you can release it into the wild depending on how you decide. Once you do away with the raccoon, you should take serious measures to prevent them from ever coming back.

For more info you can contact Raccoon removal Richmond Hill.