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Musk Ox in Canada : Interesting Facts, SightSeeing

Musk Ox in Canada

The musk ox is a big, hairy animal that lives in icy Arctic areas. Its coat is extremely thick and woolly, which helps keep it warm in the frigid temperatures. These tough animals have large heads, short tails, and curved horns that both the males and females have. Although musk oxen look tough and formidable, […]

Grizzly Bear in Canada : Behavior, Interesting Facts & Precautions

Grizzly Bear in Canada

The grizzly bear is a big, strong animal that lives in the wild places of Canada. You can identify them by their big shoulders that stick up and their long, curved claws. They live alone and walk around the forests and mountains looking for things to eat like plants, berries, fish, and sometimes bigger animals. […]

Killer Whales in Canada : Characteristics, Facts & More Info

Killer Whales in Canada

Killer whales are big sea animals and are black and white. They have a white patch behind each eye which makes the recognition easy. Killer whales are very smart animals because they possess big brains. Killer whales live together in family groups called pods. Even though their name is killer whale, they do not kill […]

Caribou in Canada : Sightseeing Facts, Features & Species

Caribou in Canada

Caribou are large animals that look like deer and inhabit icy areas. Their fur is thick to keep them warm in the freezing weather. Their feet are big and flat, which helps them walk on top of deep snow without falling through. Other animals like wolves and bears catch and eat caribou. Caribou are an […]

Admiral Butterfly in Canada : Best time to See & Species

Admiral Butterfly in Canada

The Admiral butterfly is a magnificent insect with striking black wings and white stripes. One of its most recognizable features is the bright red bands near the edge of its wings. These vivid colors serve as a warning signal to predators that the Admiral is toxic if eaten. Despite its bold appearance, the Admiral is […]

Beaver in Canada : Facts, Places To See & Species

Beaver in Canada

This is the second-largest mammal in the category of rodents across the globe. They are herbivorous mammals living near the semi-aquatic environment because their home is more in water than land. They possess amphibian characteristics including webbed hands, feet, nostrils that close in response to water, and a tail that can help the way forward. […]